CNG Price in Bangalore Today | Compressed Natural Gas Price (12th November 2023)

CNG Stands for compressed Natural gas. CNG is widespread in Bangalore and other cities of India because of its use in Autos. Apart from autos it is used in many other process. CNGs are also used in Buses and Cars because its cleaner source of fuel compared to petrol and diesel. CNG Price in Bangalore today little changes. It is good habit to track CNG Price in Bangalore if you have a cng vehicle. It will help you track and manage your overall expenses.

Below table consists of CNG Price in Bangalore today and previous few days.

DateCNG Price in Bangalore
CNG Price in Bangalore
on 12th Novemeber
82.50 Rs

CNG Price analysis in Bangalore

Analysing CNG Price while staying in Bangalore is a good habit because this gives a view of where the CNG price will go in the near future. If you analyse CNG price in Bangalore today this will tell you that are constant changes in the price of CNG. The change is little but the change in CNG prices are sure. The world is moving towards cleaner source of energy which is less polluting. So there is more demand of cleaner fuels like CNG.

Which is better CNG , Petrol or Diesel?

CNG is more purer form of fuel and clearly has a better future compared to Petrol and diesel. The government is trying to reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel to promote alternate greener fuel like electricity and CNG. CNG is cheaper compared to petrol and diesel. The prices of petrol and diesel fluctuates a lot but the price of CNG doesn’t fluctuate that much.  Most of the companies have made CNG compliant engines so that the vehicles can run on CNG.

What is the difference between CNG and LPG?

CNG stands for compressed natural gas. CNG is lighter form of fuel compared to LPG. CNG is mostly used in vehicles like Cars, Bus and autos. CNG is a compressed gas and is a cleaner fuel compared to petrol and diesel.

LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas. LPG is heavier compared to CNG. LPG is mostly used in cooking because its heavy in nature. LPG cannot be used in vehicle because of its heavy nature. LPG is a cleaner source of cooking fuel compared to kerosene , forest timber and coal.

Understanding CNG

Compressed Natural Gas, known as CNG, is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel compared to conventional options like petrol and diesel. It is composed mainly of methane and is a popular choice for vehicles due to its lower emissions and cost-effectiveness.

Factors Influencing CNG Prices in Bangalore

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation of CNG prices in Bangalore:

  1. Global Crude Oil Prices: CNG prices are often linked to global crude oil prices. Changes in international markets can impact the cost of CNG at the local level.
  2. Transportation Costs: The transportation and distribution costs of CNG play a crucial role in determining its retail prices. Infrastructure development and logistics influence these costs.
  3. Taxation Policies: Government taxes and policies also contribute significantly to CNG prices. Any alterations in tax rates can impact the final cost to consumers.
  4. Operational Costs of CNG Stations: The operational costs incurred by CNG stations, such as maintenance, electricity, and labor, can affect the overall pricing.

Current CNG Prices in Bangalore Today

To find the most accurate and up-to-date information on CNG prices in Bangalore today, consumers can refer to various sources:

  1. Online Price Portals: Several online platforms provide real-time updates on fuel prices, including CNG. Popular websites and mobile apps keep users informed about the latest rates.
  2. Official Websites: The official websites of oil marketing companies or local authorities often display the current CNG prices in different parts of Bangalore.
  3. Mobile Applications: Many oil companies have developed mobile applications that offer users the convenience of checking CNG prices on the go.

Tips for Cost-Effective CNG Usage

  1. Regular Price Checks: Stay informed about the current CNG prices by checking reliable sources regularly.
  2. Optimal Refueling Times: Plan your refueling during times when prices are comparatively lower, such as during non-peak hours.
  3. Efficient Driving Practices: Adopting fuel-efficient driving practices can extend the mileage of your CNG vehicle, reducing the frequency of refueling.
  4. Membership Programs: Some CNG stations offer membership programs that provide discounts and perks to regular customers.

Steps to minimise CNG consumption and save more money

  1. Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits:
    • Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration: Avoid rapid acceleration and abrupt deceleration, as these practices can consume more fuel.
    • Consistent Speed: Maintain a steady speed while driving to optimize fuel efficiency. Frequent speed variations can lead to increased fuel consumption.
  2. Regular Vehicle Maintenance:
    • Keep the Engine Well-Tuned: Regularly service and tune your vehicle to ensure that the engine operates efficiently. A well-maintained engine burns fuel more effectively.
    • Proper Tire Inflation: Ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires can lead to increased rolling resistance and decreased fuel efficiency.
  3. Optimal Refueling Practices:
    • Refuel During Cooler Hours: CNG tends to be denser in cooler temperatures, providing more energy per volume. Consider refueling during the early morning or late evening to get the most value for your money.
    • Monitor CNG Prices: Stay informed about the current CNG prices in your area. Refueling during periods of lower prices can contribute to cost savings.
  4. Carpooling and Trip Planning:
    • Carpooling: Share rides with colleagues or friends to split fuel costs. Carpooling is an effective way to reduce individual fuel expenses.
    • Plan Efficient Routes: Optimize your travel routes to minimize the distance traveled. Combine errands and plan your trips to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.
  5. Energy-Efficient Driving Vehicles:
    • Choose Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, opt for one with high fuel efficiency. Modern CNG vehicles often come with advanced technologies that enhance fuel economy.
  6. Participate in Loyalty Programs:
    • Check for Membership Discounts: Some CNG stations offer membership programs that provide discounts and perks to frequent customers. Explore such programs to save money over time.
  7. Educate Yourself on CNG Vehicle Maintenance:
    • DIY Maintenance: Learn basic maintenance tasks, such as checking and changing air filters, to reduce reliance on professional services and save money.
  8. Explore Government Incentives:
    • Incentives for CNG Vehicles: Check if there are any government incentives or tax breaks for owning and using CNG vehicles in your region. These can significantly reduce your overall costs.
  9. Compare CNG Stations:
    • Price Comparison: Different CNG stations may offer varying prices. Compare prices at different stations and choose the one that provides the best value for your money.
  10. Efficient Use of Air Conditioning:
    • Minimize AC Usage: Air conditioning can increase fuel consumption. Use it judiciously and consider rolling down windows for ventilation when driving at low speeds.


This article contains CNG Price in Bangalore today. Bookmark this page in order to keep track about CNG Price changes in Bangalore. This page will help you keep a track on Bangalore CNG Price in Bangalore.As Bangalore embraces sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, CNG is emerging as a preferred choice for many vehicle owners. Staying informed about the current CNG prices and adopting cost-effective practices ensures a smooth and economical transition to this cleaner fuel source. With the increasing focus on environmental conservation, CNG prices in Bangalore are expected to remain a pivotal topic for residents and businesses alike.

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