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V V Puram food Street – V V Puram food Street is one of my favorite places in Bangalore. It’s famous for its vegetation Street food in Bangalore. VV Puram food Street is basically a street that consists of only Street food on both the sides of the streets. There are some most famous food stalls like Capsicum pakoda, Dry fruit lassi , Masala Papad, Dabeli , Vada pav and 99+ different varieties of dosa. 

In my experience vv puram is one of the best places in Bangalore to eat Street food

3 Reasons why VV Puram Food street is Best

Pocket friendly 

VV Puram food Street is very pocket friendly. You can fill your tummy in just 200-300 Rs while trying 10 plus different street food. The costs are nominal and the variety of food is diverse.


The place is very clean and hygienic. There are so many food stalls despite it the place is so clean and hygienic

Energetic vibe 

if you go in the evening you will see a lot of crowd . You will feel there is a very happy vibe in the street as if it’s some kind of food festival going on. Lots of people come there during evening and night time making it an awesome place for you to explore. 

Street Food List of VV Puram Food Street

There is so much variety of street food in VV Puram unlike any place in Bangalore. Let’s list down what all you can try there

  • Vada pav

One of the most famous dishes of entire India is Vada Pav. Whether you are a north indian or south indian vada pav is loved by all. In VV Puram food street also vada pav is sold a lot. It is very light and easy to digest plus easy on the pocket. A must try dish in VV Puram food street.

  • Dabeli

Dabeli is like a Vada pav on steroids. It is loaded with different spices fried in butter and sprinkled with mixtures that elevate its taste. People like dabeli because of so many things put in it that elevate its taste. There are shops in VV Puram food street that sell excellent Vada Pav and Dabeli. Keep yourself focused so that you don’t miss it.

  • Pani Puri

Pani Puri or some people say puchka is evergreen street food. If you are a street food lover then you must try Pani Puri in VV puram because these pani puri are served 6-7 different flavored waters unlike anywhere else. Its a pure delight to eat these min balls of love.

  • Chips

Chips are freshly prepared and served to you in VV Puram food street. At the extreme end of the street you will find some vendors selling chips which they have prepared freshly. These are good to eat. My favorite is tapioca chips. I eat it whenever I go to VV Puram

  • Gobi 65

Gobi 65 is very famous in South India as well as in North India. In VV Puram you will get very crispy gobi 65. You can eat gobi 65 as a starter. There are few gobi 65 stalls there so keep your eyes open. Usually the Gobi 65 stall is at the extreme end of the street. You can start from the extreme end and then go last to the starting point.

  • Dosa 99+ variety 

99+ Variety of Dosa is available in VV puram. There is a shop which specializes in dosa. There are more than 99+ varieties of dosa. You can order any of them and all these tastes just great.

  • Ice creams 

There are ice cream stalls also to satisfy your sugar craving. Ice cream rolls are present. There are many varieties of ice cream available. There are some unique ice cream flavors that you must try.

  • Dry fruit lassi

Dry Fruit lassi is one of my all time favorites. Whenever I go to VV Puram I keep some space in my tummy to try Dry fruit lassi and it never disappoints me. Dry fruit lassi shop is next to Vada Pav and Dabeli shop. 

  • Dry fruit pan 

Recently I tried a Dry Fruit pan in VV Puram and I was shocked with how good it tasted. It was my first time trying Dry fruit pan which cost around 70-80 Rs. It tasted so good and every penny was worth spending on it.

  • Fire pan 

I was the most excited and nervous while trying the Fire pan but to my surprise it tasted good. The rush of trying something new and dangerous always excites people. So if you want to test your excitement level and anxiety then do try Fire Pan. It’s worth it.

  • Potato swirl

Potato Swirl is one of my favorite street foods, VV Puram. You can carry a potato swirl in your hand, eat it while talking to your friends and enjoying the food street vibe.

  • Chole bhature

North Indians love chole  bhature. VV Puram has some of the best Chole Bhature in Bangalore. I am sure the taste will make you eat more than 2 plates of that Chole Bhature.

  • Chinese food 

Chinese Food is served hot and fresh. The food is spicy and a delight to devour. They have a wide variety of Chinese food ranging from Noodle, Chilli Panner, Gobi 65 and what not Do not miss the Chinese food stalls in Food street

  • Masala Papad

Recently I tried Masala Papad which according to me was the highlight of VV Puram. I never expected a Papad to taste so good. They also had cheese masala papad which had cheese sprinkled on it.


There are some other noteworthy street foods that you must try if you visit VV Puram Food Street. 

  • Freshly made lassi
  • Freshly made milk dessert
  • Capcicum pakoda (Must try )
  • Shikanji

The list is endless. You can devour all these street food in less than 400-500 Rs.You can fill your stomach till your neck but still you won’t be able to finish all diverse variety of foods available in VV Puram .

  • Best time to visit – Evening 7PM – 8PM -Little Less Crowd
  • Evening 8PM onwards Crowd starts gathering more
  • Address: Sajjan Rao Circle, Food St, Vishweshwarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004
  • Directions

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