Top 25+ Best Food Street in Bangalore

Bangalore is a very energetic city and so is its street foods. There are so many amazing street foods available in Bangalore. There are many dedicated food corners in Bangalore  which serve delicious street foods. In this post I am going to tell you some of the best food streets in Bangalore and why you should visit them. Bangalore food streets are very pocket friendly and you must try them.

  • VV Puram Food Street in Bangalore

VV Puram Street Food in Bangalore is one of my favorite spots in Bangalore when i want to eat street food which is pocket friendly. If you are a vegetarian then you should visit VV Puram for its street food as the entire street has vegetarian food only. There are a variety of street foods available in VV Puram. like

  • Pani Puri
  • 99+ variety of Dosa
  • Fire Pan
  • Dry Fruit Pan
  • Dabeli , vada Paw
  • Dry fruit milk shakes
  • Capsicum pakoda (most popular in my opinion)
  • Masala Papad
  • Gobhi 65 (Extreme end of the VV puram food street)
VV Puram Dabeli

VV Puram Dabeli

These are just few street foods that I mentioned. The good thing about this place is that you can full your entire tummy in just 200-300 Rs while trying 10+ different foods. It is at the top of list of top 25 best food street in Bangalore due to its variety of foods and most pocket friendly.



  • Marathalli Food street in Bangalore

Marathalli Street food in Bangalore is very popular. If you stay in Whitefield or Marathalli then you can visit this place. The street is adjacent to the overbridge and is one of the busiest roads of Bangalore. The good thing about this place is you can have long walks while eating and doing some shopping. The street food at Marathalli contains 99+ varieties of Dosa stall. A stall that sells tasty Kathi rolls. Ice cream parlor, Juice stall and much more. There are some local vendors who sell 2nd copy novels. Once the street food area finishes then the shopping area starts with numerous shops attached close to each other. Here you can buy clothes, mobile covers, smartphones and what not. Food streets at random places in Bangalore are very famous especially those like Marathalli.

Directions to Marathalli Street Food in Bangalore


Top 25 + Best Food Street in Bangalore worth exploring !

Marathalli Street Food


  • Malleshwaram Shri Sagar

Shri Sagar in Malleshwaram is one of the very famous street food in Bangalore. There south Indian dishes are very tasty. Their butter masala dosa is very popular amongst the masses. This shop is more than 60 years old. This shows how popular Shri Sagar is. Apart from delicious Dosa it sells many other south indian delicacies like Idly, vada, Kesari bath and much more. It’s a 10/10 when it comes to serving tasty south indian dishes. Do visit this place if you stay near by Malleshwaram and crave for Bangalore street food


Top 25+ Best Food Street in Bangalore

Malleshwaram Shri Sagar

  • Kathi Roll Junction

Kathi Roll Junction in Bangalore is one of the spots where you can eat Rolls. Every Street food in Bangalore has a dedicated stall of Kathi Roll Junction.There are over 50+ variety of rolls served by Kathi Junction. Its is a very popular street food of Bangalore. North Indians staying in Bangalore love eating kath rolls. Veg or non veg both are equally good and tasty. If kathi roll junction is not nearby your location then you can easily place an order on food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy etc. 

Top 25 + Best Food Street in Bangalore worth exploring !

Kathi Roll – An Amazing Street Food in Bangalore

  • Rameshwaram Cafe in Indiranagar

Rameshwaram cafe is very popular in Indiranagar. It is at the top of list of top 5 best  food street in Bangalore. It is very famous as a South Indian restaurant. They sell

  • Dosa
  • Masala Dosa
  • Onion Dosa
  • Khali Dosa
  • Ragi Dosa and much more.

It is one of the best places to go in Indiranagar with your family if you want to eat south indian food. According to online reviews the place is very clean, hygienic. It is filled with Family crowd and they have a very good and friendly service. The restaurant is pure veg and serves delicious food. It has many branches. Ex Rameshwaram Cafe in Indiranagar, Rameshwaram Cafe in JP Nagar etc


Top 25 + Best Food Street in Bangalore worth exploring !

Rameshwaram Cafe Dosa

  • Bangarpet Chat (Most famous street food amongst locals)

Are you a chat lover? If yes then you should try Bangarpet Chat. Bangarpet chats are very famous in Bangalore. It’s slightly different from how the chats are given in North India but it does taste very good. They have a  lot of variety in chat. You should try Pani puri from Bangarpet chat which is the most liked by people. Other chat items are also good and deserve your attention. Bangarpet chats are local street food in Bangalore and are  loved by locals. That’s why it is so famous. Do give it a try and share your experience. 

Top 25 + Best Food Street in Bangalore worth exploring !

Bangarpet Chat

  • Goli Vada Pav

Goli Vada Pav is a famous Vad Pav chain. Vada pav is a very famous street food of Mumbai. It is also very famous in Bangalore. Goli Vada Pav has many chains in Bangalore. Goli Vada Pav has a lot of varieties in Vada Pav.If Goli Vada Pav is not located in your nearby areas then you can order it from Zomato and Swiggy.

Top 25 + Best Food Street in Bangalore worth exploring !

Goli Vada Paw

  • Street Food of  Church Street in Bangalore

Church Street is located in the heart of Bangalore. It is famous for its artistic paintings and commercial hustle bustle. It has some of the most vibrant crowds. There are many street food options available on Church street. You can eat street food in Church street while shopping and buy for yourself.It is at the top of list of top 7 best food street in Bangalore.


  • Street Food of Commercial Street

Commercial Street – Street food is not known to many. Commercial Street is famous as a shopping hub of Bangalore. If you go to commercial street you will notice there are many street food options across the road. You can find kathi rolls, pav bhaji, pani puri and many other worth tasting street foods there. Do visit if you have a whole day of shopping in commercial street. While shopping you taste all different kinds of street food.


  • Bullet Barbecue

Bullet Barbecue is a mobile barbecue hosted on a Bullet bike. You can find bullet bikes at random places in Bangalore. Eg Outside a tech park, a garden, restaurant or outside a commercial complex. If you find a Bullet Barbecue , give it a try because it tastes amazing. They usually will have both veg and non veg options. The best thing you can see is the barbecue process while talking to your friends and waiting for the food. When it comes to having street food in Bangalore , Bullet Barbecue is never going to disappoint you.

Bullet barebeque

Bullet barbecue


  • High Street , HSR Road

High Street is located on HSR Road. This road in HSR is famous for its line of restaurants. This place has many restaurants and street side food which is very popular amongst the youth. Every evening there is usually a lot of crowd in this area. People come here to have coffee,tea, momos, dosa and much more. High Street has a wide range of street food. If you stay in HSR add this location to your must visit venue and you won’t be disappointed. It is rated at the top of list of top 9 best food street in Bangalore.


High Street Bangalore

High Street Bangalore


  • Street Food area in Kadugodi, Bangalore

Kadugodi is a famous locality near Whitefield. Kadugodi is a residential location and is filled with various street food corners. Kadugodi is also famous for its temples. If you stay in Kadugodi or nearby Whitefield then you should visit. The street food starts from MC donalds Shop in Kadugodi. There is a newly created complex which has more than 25-30 shops. Most of these shops are restaurants and street food. Landmark is Mayura Bakery on the ground floor.

Street food in Kadugodi

Street food in Kadugodi

  • Sri Sai Palace chat Corner in Whitefield

Sri Sai Palace is another very popular restaurant in Kadugodi whitefield. It is a pure veg restaurant. Sri Sai Palace restaurant has a special chat corner which is very famous. The Food quality of this restaurant is very good. You must try their chat items as they are most sold in the evening. They have some very unique street food items. Though it does not sell like street food but the chat items are as good as any street food in Bangalore. Visit Sri Sai palace and try their chat items and you won’t be disappointed. 


Sri Sai Palace Chat Corner

Sri Sai Palace Chat Corner

Other famous street corners worth exploring in Bangalore

  • Karnataka Bhel House in Basavanagudi
  • Puchkas Marathahalli
  • Street Food corner in Prasanthi Layout
  • Shahi Darbar – Yeshwant Pur
  • Dadar vada Pav in Indiranagar
  • Thatte Idli
  • Eat Street Koramangala
  • Eat Street Bangalore
  • frazer town food street
  • pasta street bangalore

Best street food in Bangalore

There can be many best food street in Bangalore because it is subject to everyone’s personal opinion. Here are my top 5 best street food corners in Bangalore

  1. VV Puram Food Street
  2. Eat Street Koramangala
  3. Frazer Town Food street
  4. Street Food in Prashanth Layout
  5. Street Food of Church Street

What is the best street food in Bangalore ?

Everyone has a different taste bud but these are the few street foods which I think everybody likes can be rated as the best street foods in Bangalore. Here are my top 10 best street foods in Bangalore(according to my taste bud). You can let me know what you like by commenting on the post.

  1. Pasta
  2. Kathi Rolls
  3. Vada Pav
  4. Pani Puri (puchka)
  5. Bangarpet Chats
  6. Gobhi 65
  7. All varieties of chat – Dahi Papdi, Samosa Chat and all the varieties
  8. Thatte Idly
  9. Noodles
  10. Dosas are one of the best street foods in Bangalore if you are looking for south Indian street food.


These are some of the most famous food street areas in Bangalore. If you are someone who is visiting Bangalore for the first time then you can bookmark these places in your list of Top 20 + Best Food Street corners in Bangalore. You can refer to this list whenever you crave street food in Bangalore. You can also refer this list to your friends who are visiting Bangalore so that they have a lot of places to explore.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Best food street in bangalore near me
Depending on the area there can be many food street. It depends on your area.
Best food street in bangalore for lunch
You can go to High Street, HSR Layout | Eat Street in Kormangala | VV Puram Food Street for Lunch
Night food street in bangalore
Night Food Street in Bangalore is very good at VV Puram Food Street | Eat Street Kormanagala
Food Street VV Puram
It is very famous for its wide variety of vegetarian street food
Eat Street Bangalore
Eat Street Bangalore is located in Koramangala
Food street HSR layout
High Street is a very famous food street located in HSR Layout
Non Veg Food Street in Bangalore
Frazer Town and Eat Street in Koramangala are some famous non veg food street
Best Veg Street food in Bangalore
Pani Puri , Dosa, Vada Pav , Dabeli are some of the best veg street food in Bangalore