Top 10 Famous Temples in Bangalore 


The thriving metropolis of Bangalore, occasionally known as the” Silicon Valley of India,” is a perfect example of how tradition and modernity can attend in harmony. This bustling metropolis, despite its fast-paced life and specialized progress, has a strong religious and artistic legacy. Temples have a significant influence on Bangalore’s character because of its stunning architectural design and spiritual importance. We will examine the top ten deified temples in Bangalore in this post, each having its distinctive background, style, and sense of holiness. 

The Famous ISKCON Temple in Bangalore  

One of Bangalore’s most notorious spiritual spots is the International Society for Krishna Knowledge ( ISKCON) Temple, which is positioned in the Rajajinagar neighbourhood. This temple, which was erected in 1997 and is devoted to Lord Krishna, provides a tranquil haven from the exertion of the megacity. Both religionists and callers are drawn to the temple’s magnificent architecture, which includes elaborate carvings and lovely statues. In addition to the diurnal aarti ceremonies held in the main hall, there’s a submissive eatery on the temple grounds that provides appetizing food. 

Bull Temple in Basavanagudi, Bangalore

An ancient temple called the Bull Temple, also called the Nandi Temple, is located in Bangalore’s Basavanagudi neighbourhood. The sacred bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi, is the subject of this temple. The largest Nandi statue in the world, measuring 4.5 metres in height and 6.5 metres in length, is the temple’s main magnet. It was sculpted out of a single granite boulder. The tabernacle comes alive with fests each time during the Kadalekai Parishe( Groundnut Fair), making it a must-experience artistic attraction.  One of the most famous temples in Bangalore. Read in Detail about Bull Temple History, Facts, Timings , Directions

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple in Bangalore

A wonder of ancient Indian rock-cut architecture, the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple lies put away in the centre of Bangalore. This cave temple, which honours Lord Shiva, is well-known for a singular phenomenon that only happens once a time. On Makar Sankranti, the Shiva Linga within the temple is illuminated by the sun’s shafts as they enter through a little window. Tourists and devotees congregate to view this show. A wonderfully carved deity of Agni, the God of Fire, can also be seen within the shrine. 

Dodda Ganapathi Temple 

Lord Ganesha, the giant-headed deity of knowledge and prosperity, is a fete in the Dodda Ganapathi Temple in Basavanagudi. The enormous Ganesha hero, one of the largest in the world at 18 bases altitudinous and 16 bases broad, is what distinguishes this temple from others. Thousands of worshippers go to the hero when it’s decked with gold and silver jewellery for festivals and special events. 

Ragi Gudda Anjaneya Temple 

The Ragi Gudda Anjaneya Temple, perched atop Ragi Gudda Hill, provides tranquil surroundings for spiritual seekers as well as panoramic views over Bangalore. This temple, which honours Lord Hanuman, is well-known for its 22- bottom-altitudinous Hanuman statues. Addicts constantly visit the temple to meditate and take in the peace of nature because it’s girdled by thick foliage.  

Temple of Chokkanathaswamy in Bangalore near Domlur

With roots in the Chola period, the Chokkanathaswamy Temple in Domlur is one of Bangalore’s oldest temples. With its beautifully sculpted pillars and magnificent statues, this major masterpiece displays excellent Dravidian architecture. The temple is devoted to Lord Chokkanathaswamy( Lord Vishnu) and Goddess Alamelamma, his consort. In the middle of the city’s bustle, it’s a peaceful retreat. 

Kote Venkataramana Temple 

The Kote Venkataramana Temple, located amid Bangalore’s busy request district, is a stunning example of the Dravidian armature. This temple, devoted to Lord Venkataramana( Lord Vishnu), is an oasis of tranquillity and a church in the middle of the city’s bustle. Addicts mass to the temple to seek blessings and peace. Its gopuram( palace) and elaborate busts are a sight to behold. 

Temple of Banashankari 

Goddess Banashankari, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, is a fete in the Banashankari Temple in Bangalore’s Banashankari neighbourhood. The periodic Banashankari jatra( jubilee) that draws addicts from across the state draws attention to this temple, which is known for its distinctive architecture. It’s a notorious passage place because the deity is said to grant the desires of her followers. 

Ganesha Temple at Hulimavu 

 A rising spiritual hotspot in Bangalore is the Ganesha Temple at Hulimavu. The amazing Ganesha statue, which resembles a living rock formation, is what distinguishes this temple from others. Because of the peaceful atmosphere and the conviction that the prayers made then might prop in prostrating challenges and achieving prosperity, devotees and tourists are drawn to this place. 

Temple of Nimishamba 

The Nimishamba Temple honours Goddess Nimishamba, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, and is positioned along the Cauvery River’s banks. The serene atmosphere of this temple is well-known, especially when the monthly Nimishamba jatra brings in a lot of pilgrims. The environs of the temple, which include a guggling river and a plethora of vegetation, are ideal for study and meditation. 


The temples in Bangalore aren’t just places of worship but also architectural and artistic assets that showcase the city’s rich history. With a unique emulsion of history and fustiness, Bangalore’s top 10 prominent temples give tourists a window into the city’s spiritual and literal features. These temples are worth probing on your coming trip to the Garden City of India, whether you are looking for spiritual favours, architectural wonders, or just a moment of peace. 


Frequently asked questions 

Do visitors of all religions have access to these temples?  

Yes, all religions are welcome to visit these temples. Although they’re primarily houses of prayer, they’re open to callers who want to take in their stunning armature and rich artistic history. 

What should one wear when visiting these temples? 

Visitors visiting Bangalore’s temples are anticipated to dress modestly by covering their shoulders and knees. Before visiting a temple, it’s essential to check the unique criteria for that temple. 

Are these temples open to photography and videography? 

Different temples have different rules regarding photography and filming. While some temples may have limitations, others could allow photography and recording in defined places. The stylish place to get the regulations is at the temple’s entrance.