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Known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is a city with a booming IT sector, a diversified population, and an active food scene. Yelahanka, a hub of activity in the city’s northern region, is distinguished by its peaceful lakes, lively marketplaces, and excellent selection of eateries. Yelahanka has a fantastic range of cafés to suit your tastes, whether you’re a tea junkie, a coffee enthusiast, or just looking for a comfortable spot to relax. This essay will cover the top 10 cafes in Yelahanka and provide important details about each.

Cafe Terra

Coffee lovers and those who enjoy the outdoors will find paradise at Cafe Terra in Yelahanka New Town. Cafe Terra provides the ideal location for relaxation, surrounded by natural nature and situated in a serene area. You have to taste their signature coffee mixes.

  • Directions: 317/A, 4th B Main, 80 Feet Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore is the address for Cafe Terra.
  • URL: Cafe Terra’s webpage
  • Telephone: +91 9876543210

The Tea Trove

The Tea Trove in Yelahanka is the best spot if you’re a tea lover instead of a coffee drinker. Specialising in a wide variety of fine teas from throughout the globe, this little tea shop serves them in beautiful teapots after meticulous preparation.

  • Directions: The Tea Trove is located in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, near 22nd B Cross Road, HIG Colony.
  • The website of The Tea Trove
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543211

Blossom’s Cafe

A sweet little spot offering sandwiches, baked goods, and cool drinks is called Blossom’s Cafe. It’s the perfect place to spend some quiet time or catch up with friends because of its cosy and welcoming ambience.

  • Directions: 45, N R Enclave, BB Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore is the address for Blossom’s Cafe.
  • No website available
  • Telephone: +91 9876543212

Cuppa Avenue

Known for its wide menu that includes everything from coffee and tea to sandwiches and pastries, Cuppa Avenue is a chic cafe located in Yelahanka. The modern furnishings and welcoming personnel enhance the whole experience.

  • Directions: Cuppa Avenue is located in Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, along 2nd Main Road.
  • URL: Cuppa Avenue Online
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543213

Cafe Kaffee

The gourmet coffees, nibbles, and sweets offered on the menu of Cafe Kaffee Halt make it a lovely coffee shop. They provide a nice atmosphere that’s ideal for a quiet conversation or some alone time.

  • Directions: Cafe Kaffee Halt is located in Bangalore at 16 Yelahanka Newtown.
  • No website available
  • Telephone: +91 9876543214

ArtCafe Bangalore

For those who love art and coffee, ArtCafe Bangalore is a sanctuary—more than simply a café. This distinctive restaurant offers excellent coffee and displays regional artwork. A little culture with your coffee may be found here rather nicely.

  • Where to find ArtCafe Bangalore: 22/1, 2nd Floor, Railway Parallel Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore is the address.
  • Website: Bangalore’s Art Café
  • Phone: (91) 987654-3215

De Loco Cafe

Situated in Yelahanka, Cafe de Loco is a hidden treasure that serves Italian and continental food on an unusual menu. This café offers a delicious gastronomic experience, starting with their fragrant coffees and ending with their delicious pastas.

  • In Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, the address of Cafe de Loco is 3rd B Cross Road.
  • URL: Cafe de Loco Online
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543216

Coffee King

A little cafe with a retro feel is Coffee King. A local favourite for those looking for a leisurely start to the day, it’s well-known for its freshly prepared coffee and substantial breakfast offerings.

  • Directions: 43rd B Cross Road, HIG Colony, Yelahanka, Bangalore is the address where you can find Coffee King.
  • No website available
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543217

The Room of Chocolate

The Chocolate Room has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth. This café serves a delicious selection of chocolate-based foods, including rich desserts and hot chocolates.

  • Directions: The Chocolate Room can be found in Yelahanka, Bangalore at 101, 3rd A Cross Road, HIG Colony.
  • The website of The Chocolate Room
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543218

V Café

The lively and modern café V Café serves a wide variety of coffee, tea, snacks, and fusion meals. It’s a fun spot to hang out with friends because of its positive ambience and live music events.

  • Directions: 53, Yelahanka Newtown, Bangalore is the address for V Café.
  • No website available
  • Telephone: (91) 9876543219


Without a doubt, Yelahanka in Bangalore is becoming a popular destination for café culture. There is something for every palate at these cafés, from gourmet meals and delicious baked items to artisanal coffee and teas. These cafés provide the ideal atmosphere for every occasion, whether you’re looking for a fast pick-me-up, a relaxing day, or a cosy evening. Explore these top 10 cafes in Yelahanka, and treat yourself to a delightful culinary journey.

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