List of Holidays in November 2024 | Bank Holidays in November 2024

Welcome to the month of November 2024, a time when a range of holidays unfolds to shape the beginning of the year. As we dive into the List of Holidays in November 2024, which includes Bank Holidays also, this article becomes a valuable resource for individuals and businesses who want to plan there holiday. This list serves as an tool and guide for planning and organizing schedules, ensuring a balance between professional commitments and opportunities for relaxation.  Join us in navigating this month’s calendar, as we explore moments of celebration, respite, and cultural significance of this month. In this article we will discuss List of Holidays in November 2024

Listed below are the public holidays celebrated in November 2024:

1 November Friday 2024 Haryana Day HR
1 November Friday 2024 Kannada Rajyothsava KA
1 November Friday 2024 Kut MN
1 November Friday 2024 Puducherry Liberation Day PY
2 November Saturday 2024 Deepavali Holiday DD, HR, KA, RJ, UK & UP
2 November Saturday 2024 Vikram Samvat New Year GJ
3 November Sunday 2024  Bhai Dooj GJ, RJ, SK, UK & UP
7 November Thursday 2024 Chhath Puja AS, BR, CG & JH
15 November Fri Guru Nanak Jayanti National except AP, BR, DN, DD,GA, KA, KL, MN, ML, OR,PY, SK, TN & TR
15 November Friday 2024 Karthika Purnima OR & TG
18 November Monday 2024 Kanakadasa Jayanti KA
22 November Friday 2024 Lhabab Duchen SK
23 November Saturday 2024 Seng Kut Snem ML

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