Top 10 places to do Ganesh Visarjan in Bangalore – Nearby your location

Ganesh Visarjan or immersion of Ganesha idol is done in a water body. You might have come across pictures of Ganesha Visarjan where people are immersing lord Ganesha idol in some lake, pond, sea if you are in a coastal city like Mumbai. People in Bangalore usually do Ganesha visarjan in water bodies like Lake or pond. Depending on your location you can go to nearby lake or pond in Bangalore , follow proper rituals and do Ganesha visarjan. Ganesh visarjan in Bangalore is very famous

Top 10 Places to do Ganesh Visarjan in Bangalore if you are staying in Whitefield and or neary by.

  • Sheelavanthakere Lake – This lake is located in Whitefield, Palm Meadows, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066. This lake is very big and you can do Ganesh Visarjan in this lake. Directions. –
  • Nallurahalli Lake – This lake is located in Nallurhalli Lake white field. If you are a resident of Whitefield then must have come across the name Nallurahalli Lake or place. People staying nearby this location can immerse Ganesha in Nallurhalli Lake. Directions –
  • Thubarahalli Lake – This lake is Located in Brookefield and people staying in Brookefield can do Ganesha Visarjan in Thubarahalli Lake . Directions
  • Kundalahalli Lake – This lake is located in Kundalhalli. This lake is very famous in whitefield , Kundalahalli. There are many Ganesha pandals in this lake. This lake becomes ideal for Ganesha Visarjan. Directions
  • Pattandur Agrahara Lake – This lake is very scenic and beautiful. If you want to watch a Ganesha visarjan or want to immerse ganesha idol you can go Pattandur Agrahara lake. There are many residential apartments nearby this lake and its breath taking. Directions –

Top 10 Places to do Ganesh Visarjan in Bangalore if you are staying in Kormangala , Indiranagar and or neary by

  • Agara Lake – Agara Lake is Known for birdlife like pelicans & coots, this tree-lined lake is ringed by a walking track. If you are using an eco friendly Ganesha idol then only you should prefer doing Ganesha Visarjan in Agara lake since it is eco sensitive area. Directions
  • Madiwala Lake – This lake is known for migratory birds and other exotic birds. If you are staying near madiwala this lake could be ideal choise for Ganesha visarajan of small Ganesha idols. Directions
  • Lakedew Lake – This lake is located in Haralur , benagaluru. If you are a resident of Haralur and want to immerse Ganesha idol on 3rd,5th,7th or 10th Day then you can visit this lake. Directions –
  • Soma Sundara palya lake – This lake is located in Hosapalaya, Muneshwara Nagar , Bengaluru. Ganesha idol can be immersed in this lake. You can bring you kids to this lake to watch Ganesha Visarjan. Directions
  • Bellandur Lake – Bellandur Lake is also very famous. If you stay nearby Bellandur you can visit this lake for Ganesh Visarjan. Address – Belur Nagasandra, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103. Directions. –

There is a list released by BBMP which are designated points for Ganesha Visarjan. If you are not staying nearby above locations you can visit these locations. These are top Top 10 places to do Ganesh Visarjan in Bangalore

  1. OMBR Layout Playground , Bengaluru
  2. HBR layout near BDA Commercial Complex
  3. Sankey Tank
  4. Havanur Circle
  5. RajajiNagar old Police Station ,
  6. Ward No 53 , Vidyapeeth Circle
  7. Ward no 56, Banashankari 2nd Stage
  8. Jain Temple Jayanagar
  9. Ganesha temple , Virupakshapura Layout
  10. Sector 6 , 2nd main road, HSR
  11. Sector 4 , 2nd main road, HSR
  12. Arekere lake,
  13. Sarakki Lake
  14. Gaurdachar Palaya Lake
  15. Giddaiyana Lake
  16. Vengaiyana Lake,In front of ITI Ground

 Frequently Asked Questions on Ganesha Visarjan in bangalore

On which day Ganesh Visarjan is done? 

Ganesh visarjan is done during odd days. I.e. We must keep in mind that we should do Ganesh visarjan on 3rd , 5th and 7 th day. This 

Ganesh Visarjan Muhurat 2023

Ganesh visarjan muhrat  is on 28th September, from morning 11 o clock to night 1:30 am. In this time you can do Ganesh visarjan in Bangalore. The muhurat for Ganesh visarjan is very important and we should try to immerse the Ganesha idol during Ganesh visarjan muhrat only. 

Ganpati visarjan 2023 start and end date

Ganpati visarjan start date is 28 th September, from morning 11 clock to night 1:30 am. 


Which day should I immerse Ganesha?

You can immerse Ganesha idol during 3rd, 5th and 7th day. You should immerse Ganesha during odd days only. Many Ganesha Pandals are kept till 2 weeks depending on the local administration.

When to dissolve Ganesh idol at home?

You can dissolve Ganesha idol in home during odd days. Odd days being 3rd , 5th and 7th days.  Ganesha visarjan should not be done on even days. Ganesha should not be immersed in 2nd , 4th and 6th days of Puja. 

How many days we can keep Ganpati at home?

People can keep Ganesha in their home for 1,3,5,7 or 10 days. It depends on them. But they should keep in there mind that they should not do the Ganesha visarjan on even days. They should avoid doing visarjan on 2nd ,  4th , 6th days of Ganesh Puja .

Dos and donts of Ganesha Visarjan

  1. During Ganesh visarjan day the Ganesha idol should not be left alone or unattended. Some body must be accompanying Ganesha entire day during Ganesh visarjan.
  2. Follow the auspicious time and right muhurat for Ganesha visarjan.
  3. The idol should be immersed in water after Puja and aarti.
  4. You should only do Ganesha visarjan after offering him prayers and food. 
  5. We should also keep in mind that we should not eat any onion , garlic or tasmic food on the day of Ganesha stapna.

Can we do visarjan on 2nd day?


Can we drink on Ganesh Visarjan?

It is advisable to avoid non veg food and alcohol during the 10 days of Ganesh chaturthi. People should avoid eat tasmic food during Ganesh Puja. After Ganesha visarjan people can eat regular food and drink.