Download Lease deed form | Karnataka Govt | Bengaluru

Lease Deed is a form that creates a contract between the property owner and the renter. If you have someone who has rented a property to someone then you should have a lease deed prepared and signed by your renter. Lease deed has some important details like who has leased to whom and for how much time. It can also have money related details also. A rental document is different because a lease deed is usually for a longer duration of time. A rental document is for lesses period of time.

What is a difference between a lease deed and a sale deed?

In a lease deed details are present about who leasing the property to whom and for how long. There are many other details in the lease deed. You must read the lease deed very carefully as it contains important details of the property that is going to be leased.

What is the content of lease deed?

The contents of lease deed contains about details of the property like who is leasing to whom, what is the tie duration of lease deed and what are the terms and conditions.

Download Lease Deed form(Karnataka)


If you want to lease your property to someone then you need a lease deed. You can download the lease deed from the above download link. This lease deed is for Karnataka.