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What is the purpose of a gift deed?

A gift deed is a deed where the donor mentions the detail of the gifting property. In gift deed the donor, the person who is gifting mentions the name of the gift receiver. The person who gifts is called donor. The person who receives gift is called donee. One important thing to note about gift deed is that , a gift deed is valid only if the gift deed is registered or else it wont be considered a valid gift deed.

How to register a gift deed?

A gift deed should be registered before it has been given to someone. You can register a gift deed by going to a registrars office and get it registered by the registrar.

Disadvantages of a gift deed?

Disadvantages of a gift deed is that once a gift deed has been given to someone or it is executed , it cannot be reversed and taken back. A gift deed is irreversible. So we must be cautious before executing a gift deed.

Can a gift deed be sold?

Yes, a gift deed can be sold by the donee.  The selling of gift deed should be done under law and legally.

What is the validity of a gift deed?

The validity of a gift is entire life time. That means once a gift  deed has been executed it has a validity of forever.


Download Gift deed Form | Karnataka Govt | Bengaluru


If you want to give someone a gift deed and needs to get it registered then you can download the Gift deed form from above link. You can fill the form and then get it registered.

Taken from Official Karantaka Govt Website