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Download Exchange Deed Form (Karnataka)

Exchange Deed is a legal document that confirms the exchange of property ownership between two parties. It confirms who is the owner of the property. It is different from Sale of Property because there is no money transfer between two parties. An Exchange Deed is a very important document because it states the exchange of property between two parties and other crucial important. The buyer whose name is mentioned in the exchange deed is considered to be the new owner of the property after the exchange of property. Stamp Duties and property tax details are also mentioned in the Exchange deed form.

An Exchange deed is an important document because it gives the owner the right to its property and mentions the details of the old owner of the property. You can download Exchange Deed form for transferring or buying property or exchanging property if you are in Karnataka.

Download Exchange Deed Form (Karnataka)


If you are in Karnataka or Bangalore and want to download an Exchange deed form then you can use above link to download the form.

Taken from Official Karantaka Govt Website