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Download Sale Deed Form (Karnataka)

Agreement of Sale is a legal document that confirms the property ownership. It confirms who is the owner of the property. Agreement of Sale also confirms who has sold what property to whom. A Sale Deed of Agreement of Sale is a very important document when you want to buy a property or sell a property. The buyer whose name is mentioned in the Agreement of Sale deed is considered to be the legal owner of the property.

A Sale Deed or Agreement of Sale deed is important because it gives the owner the right to its property. You can download Agreement of Sale or Sale Deed Agreement for transferring or buying property if you are in Karnataka. A Sale deed contains important information like size of the property, location of the property , cost of the property and if any kind of restrictions on the property.

Download Agreement of sale Form(Karnataka)


If you are in Karnataka or Bangalore and want to download a Sale Deed of Agreement of Sale deed form then you can use above link to download the form.

Taken from Official Karantaka Govt Website