Top 35 Places to visit in Bangalore with family

  • Lalbagh botanical garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is very famous in Bangalore and is one of the most highlighted spots for tourists in Bangalore. Lalbagh has a very diverse flora and fauna. If you are someone who likes their evening to be spent while having a walk then this is the place. You can also go there, sit and read your books. You can also plan a picnic if you are going with your family. The ticket price is 20 Rs per person for people above 12 years.

  • Cubbon park

Cubbon Park is located in the heart of the city Bangalore.Lalbagh botanical garden. Cubbon Park is also known as Chamarajendra park. It was created in the year 1870. If you are someone who likes to have a walk in the morning or you are someone who likes to run then Cubbon Park is for you. You can go for a casual walk, running or even to admire the beauty of Cubbon Park. Going with friends and family can be fun.

Address: Kasturba Rd, behind High Court of Karnataka, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

  • Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills has a very beautiful landscape. The road to Nandi hills is great. Nandi Hills is famous for its sunrise and sunset.  Avoid going in the afternoons as it can be hot. Plan your trip to Nandi hills when the weather is sunny and not hot. If you plan to visit Nandi hills to see the sunrise then you need to reach half an hour before as there can be crowds. Rest assured your experience will be amazing.

  • Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is one of the highlights of Bangalore city. It is located in the heart of the city. Bangalore Palace is very beautiful. It was opened in the year 1944. It is one of the most famous  royal palaces in Bangalore. If you are someone who has just arrived in Bangalore and want to explore the Bangalore palace is the one. Go with your friends and family and your day will be well spent.

  • Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is the building which holds the legislative house of the current state government. It is one of the famous buildings in Bangalore because of its architecture.The architecture is like a palace. It is some of the popular tourist places in bangalore. Though you are not allowed to enter the campus while the session is on going. You can enter inside if you have permission.

  • Bannerghatta Biological park

Bannerghatta Biological Park is very big and the most popular zoo in Bangalore. Yes, Bannerghatta is  a national park, biological park as well as zoo. Kids are going to love the trip to Bannerghatta park as it has a lot of fun activities. Bannerghatta Zoo has safaris also. You can book a tiger/lion safari and they will take you around the national park. If you are lucky then you can spot many animals including lions , tigers, cheetahs and elephants.

  • VV Puram Food Street

VV Puram Food Street is one of my personal favorite places to eat street foods in Bangalore. If you are vegetarian and crave for street food then VV Puram Food street is for you. For 500 Rs you can try more than 9-10 Dishes on VV puram food street. The street foods are tasty and pocket friendly. Visit this place with your friends and family and you will have a blast.

  • Commercial Street

Are you a shopaholic? Your answer being Yes or No does not matter because this place is anyways so good when it comes to buying clothes. If you are coming to Bangalore for the first time and want to buy some nice branded clothes for yourself then you should visit commercial street. This street has a lot of clothing brands and street foods are cherry on top. You can eat tasty street food while buying some nice clothes for yourself.

  • UB City

UB City is near the famous KingFisher tower built by Vijay Malaya. UB City is famous for its international brands like Prada and other similar brands which are popular world wide. UB city has some of the most famous events happening in its premises. Some of the most famous musical events take place in UB City. The crowd of UB city is young and vibrant. You can visit UB city with friends and family members as there are some very good restaurants.

  • Indira nagar

Indiranagar is some of the most important residential and commercial spots of Bangalore. The IT boom in the early 90`s converted this area into a commercial hub spot. You will find many IT companies and startup companies here . It is also a posh residential location of Bangalore. There are many pubs in Indiranagar. So if you are free Friday or Saturday and looking for a party then Indira nagar is the place.

  • Kormanagala

Kormanagala is the party hub of Bangalore. There are many clubs and pubs in this area. Koramangala is very energetic and it’s usually very crowded during the weekend evening. There are many restaurants and cafes also. Make sure you do some booking or table reservation before going to any cafe, pub or restaurants in Koramangala. Rest assured this place will meet up to your expectations

  • Wonderla Amusement park

If you are a first time visitor or a tourist coming to Bangalore , you must explore Wonderla Amusement park. Wonderla Bangalore is very big and it will meet up to your expectations. It has a lot of water rides , adventure rides and many more activities. The rides are designed to make it safe for kids also. The rides are safe for kids as well as adults. Add Wonderla Amusement Park to your bucket list if you are a water baby. You can buy tickets from the Official Wonderla website.

  • Phoenix Market City

Phoenix market city mall whitefield is one of the largest malls of India. It is very big in size and there are a lot of brands and shops in Phoenix mall. There are some clubs inside the mall if you want to party. Phoenix market city is a popular tourist attractions place for residents and non residents of Bangalore. The atmosphere of the Phoenix Mall in the evening and on weekends is very good. You can visit and enjoy the vibe. It is one of the most famous spots in Whitefield.

  • Nexus shantiniketan mall ITPL

Nexus Shantiniketan mall in ITPL is very famous in ITPL area. The mall is very big and there are lots of shops inside the mall belonging to different brands. There are many good restaurants like Punjab Grill, You me to name a few. Fox in The Field and The Groot are some of the popular resto bar in Nexus Shantiniketan.

  • Orion Mall Hoskote

If you stay in the outskirts of Bangalore like hoskote then Orion Mall hoskote is the place where you can go with your friends to spend some quality time. This Orion mall has PVR cinemas. This PVR is very big and the movie watching experience is just great. There is a food court also which serves many different kinds cousines. You can add this venue in your bucket list if you stay near Hoskote.

  • Hoskote Biryani

One thing that is very famous in Bangalore is Hoskote Biryani. People queue up at 4am in the morning to eat Hoskote Biryani. People start visiting Hoskote Biryani shops in the early morning and by 9am the entire stock is finished. It’s very popular in bangalore. So if you are visiting bangalore for the first time or you are a resident of bangalore then you taste Hoskote Biryani and its varieties.

  • Shivasamudram Lake towards Mysore

If you have a one day time in your hand while you are visiting Bangalore and you want to see some waterfall then you can visit Shivasamudram waterfall which is towards Mysore. There are small lakes near Shivasamudram Lake which are very beautiful. You can visit shivasamudram waterfalls with your family and kids. It is a one day trip which you can easily cover on the weekend.

  • Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake is Bangalore’s biggest lake. If you want to admire nature then you can visit Ulsoor lake. There are pathways around Ulsoor Lake. You can take a walk or do some running around the lake. There are also many benches and tree shades where you can just relax and admire nature. You can visit with your partner ,kids , family members or friends.

  • 13th Floor, Indiranagar

13th Floor is a restaurant located in Indiranagar. Indiranagar is a semi rooftop restaurant. The best thing about this restaurant is its food and ambience. The ambience is very good. From your dinning table you can see half of bangalore. The rooftop view is stunning. You must visit it once if you are staying in or nearby Indiranagar.

  • Pump House , Whitefield

Pump House is located in Whitefield in Kadugodi. It is one of the best restaurants in whitefield. If you are visiting Bangalore for first time and want to explore some good restaurants in Whitefield then you can visit Pump house. The ambience is great and food is awesome. Hospitality by Pump House restaurant is too good. Even if you are staying with your friends or families in Whitefield you can try out this restaurant as it is very good.

  • Rajputana Restaurant

Rajputana Restaurant is located in AECS layout in Whitefield. It is a themed restaurant. The entire menu is Gujarati. The Gujarati food served here is very tasty and tastes the same like how it’s there in Gujarat. So if you are Gujarati staying in Bangalore then you can visit this place as it has very good Gujarti dishes. The menu is buffet and unlimited. The average cost of a plate is 600 Rs and unlimited food is served to you. Try visiting this place with your friends and family.

  • Rajasthani Khandani

Rajasthani Khandani as the name sounds is a restaurant based on Rajasthani food. The hospitality of Rajasthani Khandani is very good. You will truly feel that you have entered a royal restaurant. They serve buffet food which is unlimited. The price approx 700-800 per person. Bangalore Rajasthani Khandani has amazing food and is located in Phoenix Market City. This is an ideal restaurant for people to go with their families and friends.

  • Church Street

Church street in Bangalore for its street art. There are interesting and very famous paintings on the walls and streets of Church Street. Church street is vibrant because of its young crowd and energy that you feel when go to Church street.

  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is a complex which has visual art. It is located in Seshadripuram in Bangalore. Chitrakala Parishath contains painting and many other artistic collections in its premise. If you are someone who is an artist and loves painting then you should add this venue in your list to visit. Even if you are not into painting and art then also you can try. It won’t disappoint your expectations. It has more than 17k positive google reviews which clearly states how popular this place is.

Address: Art Complex, 1, Kumarakrupa Rd, near The Lalit Hotel, Kumara Park East, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

  • ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple is famous all over the world. Most of the big Indian cities have ISKCON followers and hence ISKCON Temple. ISKCON followers are devotees of Lord Krishna. Bangalore has one of the most famous and biggest ISKCON Temples of India. The atmosphere in ISKCON Temple is very spiritual. You should try visiting ISKCON temple during Janmashtami or some other festival. The festivities in ISKCON Temple are very good and worth visiting.

  • Bull Temple

Bull temple is very famous in Bangalore. Bull temple is famously known as Nandi temple also. Bangalore people also call it ‘Dodda Basavana Gudi’ temple. It is quite famous in Karnataka. To reach the Temple you have to climb 40 steps. The interesting thing is that there are bull horn next to each step. The bull in the bull temple measures approx 4.5 m in height and 6.5 m in length. If you are an ardent devotee of Nandi then you must visit this temple. 

  • Marathalli Street Food

Marathalli is a very famous area in bangalore because of IT parks and lots of people staying in this area. Marathalli is also famous for street food. After the flyover /bridge the street food stalls start. There are stalls which serve tasty dosas. There are more than 90 varieties of dosa. You can also eat kathi rolls from these stalls and ice creams. It is a 1 km stretch of stalls of food parallel to the road. You can walk this stretch while eating street foods.

  • Hoskote Lake

Hoskote Lake is a famous bird watching spot. If you are planning to go bird watching then you can go to Hoskote Lake. The fauna and flora is very diverse at  Hoskote Lake. Hoskote Lake is nearby where Hoskote biryani is sold. Hoskote Lake is most beautiful during Sunrise and sunset. Evening time is the best time when you can spot the birds and hear their soothing chirping.

  • MG Road

MG Road is one of the most famous roads of Bangalore.It is a hub of commercial activities in Bangalore. The roads are filled with restaurants and shops. There are big clothing companies and many other big businesses on this road. If you want to explore the place then you should visit in the evening. You will be awestruck with the hustle and bustle of this area. You should add this place to your bucket list.

  • HSR Layout(Startup Hub)

HSR Layout is near Koramangala. HSR is famous as a startup hub area of Bangalore. There are many tech start up companies in the area.This area is also famous for good restaurants and pubs. If you are staying in HSR then you can explore this area. There are many joints and biryani restaurants also.

  • HAL

HAL full form is Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. It is a public sector aeronautics and defense company which is situated in Bangalore. HAL is hailed as one of the oldest aeronautics companies of India as well as the world. HAL also has a museum which is based on aeronautics and aerospace. You can bring your kids to the HAL museum. The kids will enjoy it.

  • Savandurga

Savandurga is a hiking area which is very popular in Bangalore. If you are a person who loves to hike and do trekking on mountains then Savandurga is an ideal spot for you. It’s in the outskirts of Bangalore. The place is usually crowded by young people so the vibe is very energetic. You can visit this place if you want to do trekking.

  • Chikballapur

Chikballapur is famous for temples. Vivekananda falls , Nandi Hills, Kaivara and many other famous places are there in Chikballapur. Its some 50-70 kilometers from Center of Bangalore. It can be a nice trip from the center of bangalore. There are many other interesting places in and around Chikkaballapur.

  • Shivagange

Shivagange is a famous trekking place in the outskirts of Bangalore.It is also famous for pilgrimage , and spirituality. There are many adventure activities that take place in Shivagange. You can plan a nice day out on weekends.

  • Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park 

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park is located in Vasanth Nagar opposite JawaharLal Nehru Planetarium. You can visit this during day time. You can book the tickets from BookMyShow.

Address: XHPR+4MV, Raj Bhavan Rd, Opposite to Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051

  • Mysore Palace 

Mysore Palace is located in Mysore which is a 2 hours journey from bangalore.

Address: Sayyaji Rao Rd, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001

Phone: 0821 242 1051


What are the  Top 35 Places to visit in Bangalore with family?

The top 3 places to visit in Bangalore with family is mentioned in this article.

Places to visit in Bangalore with family for trekking

You can visit Savandurga, Shivagange and Chikbalapur if you want to go for trekking

Places to visit in Bangalore with family for shopping

You can go IndiraNagar, Kormangala, Commerical Street and Church Street for shopping

Places to visit in Bangalore with family for Party

You can go IndiraNagar, Kormangala, Commerical Street and Church Street for shopping