Top 10 Kali Puja Pandals in Nadia

Hi in this article  I am adding more than 10 places in Nadia where Kali Puja Pandals are present. These are some of the most famous places in Nadia. Bookmark these famous Kali Puja Pandals in Nadia so that you dont miss the opportunity to cover each of them. Nadia is full of hustle and bustle during Kali Puja . Nadia is one of the oldest places and sees a lot of tourist attraction at the time of Kali Puja.  Almost each locality in Nadia has a Kali Pandal.

Nadia is another district in West Bengal that hosts Kali Puja pandals during the festival. Similar to other regions, the popularity and themes of Kali Puja pandals in Nadia can vary from year to year. Here are a few Kali Puja pandals in Nadia that have gained popularity in the past:

  1. Krishnanagar Kali Puja Pandal: Krishnanagar, the district headquarters of Nadia, typically features grand Kali Puja pandals that attract a large number of visitors.
  2. Ranaghat Kali Puja Pandal: Ranaghat is known for its cultural and artistic Kali Puja celebrations, with beautifully decorated pandals.
  3. Shantipur Kali Puja Pandal: Shantipur is another town in Nadia where Kali Puja is celebrated with enthusiasm, and the pandals are often intricately designed.
  4. Nabadwip Kali Puja Pandal: Nabadwip, famous for its association with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, also celebrates Kali Puja with colorful and thematic pandals.
  5. Chakdaha Kali Puja Pandal: Chakdaha is known for its traditional Kali Puja celebrations, and the pandals are often adorned with traditional artistry.

Places that organise Durga Puja also organise Kali Puja as well.  So here is the list of few places in Nadia that organises Kali Puja in Nadia.

  1. B-14 Durga Puja
  2. Dechoudhurypara Durgapuja Prangan
  3. Mahutpara Durga Puja Prangan
  4. Sati Maa Bari Durga Puja
  5. Rath Tala Durga Puja Mandap
  6. Sodubaouni puja Mondop( সদু বাউনি পূজা মণ্ডপ)
  7. ITI More Durga Puja Ground
  8. Mallick Para Puja Mondop
  9. 16 Palli Durga Mandap
  10. A-10 Durga Puja
  11. Sommiloni CIUB
  12. Bagula Shymashree Kali Puja


I hope this article gives you good information about Kali Puja Pandals in Nadia. You can bookmark these places so that you can visit these places during Dushera.