Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Bangalore

Within the healthcare industry, the nursing profession focuses on providing care to individuals, families, and communities in order to help them achieve, preserve, or regain optimal health and quality of life. The way that nurses approach patient care, their level of training, and their area of practice set them apart from other healthcare professionals. Nurses have varying degrees of prescription authority depending on the specialty in which they practice. The public’s perception of nurses as healthcare providers has been shaped by the fact that many of them provide care within the purview of doctors’ orders. Nonetheless, the majority of jurisdictions allow nurse practitioners to work independently in a range of contexts. In order to enroll in nursing programs, students must graduate from high school with a minimum of 50% in the science stream from an accredited board. Candidates for the MSc in Nursing must earn a minimum of 55% in their BSc, BSc Hons, or BSc Post Basic from an accredited university.  In this article we  are going to see Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Bangalore.

RajaRajeswari College of Nursing

Bangalore-Mysore State Highway is home to RajaRajeswari College of Nursing. It is connected to Karnataka’s Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences. The college offers top-notch undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. The Nursing College has an affiliation with RajaRajeswari Medical & Hospital, an excellent hospital with 1100 beds. Additionally, the college provides students with competitive salary placement opportunities at RajaRajeswari Medical College and Hospital.

Manipal College of Nursing 

Approximately fifty-seven different countries send students to Manipal College of Nursing, one of the best universities in the world. Having been founded in 1990, this college currently holds the highest ranking of all nursing schools in India. The college can be found in Manipal, 576104, Karnataka, at Madhav Nagar. MCON primarily prioritizes high-caliber research, and in 2013 it became the first college in India to introduce an Endowment Chair that essentially supported nursing research. Scholarships are also available from this college to many worthy and diligent students who meet the requirements. 10% to nearly 50% of scholarships are awarded based on the parents’ yearly income, which is determined by Manipal University’s merit system for students enrolled in B.Sc. Nursing programs. 

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute

The Mysore Education Society founded Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) in 1955. The institution was formerly associated with both Bangalore University and Mysore University before becoming a part of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. The Medical Council of India has granted the institute recognition for its undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs. The MBBS, MD, MS, B.Sc., M.Sc., DM, and M.Ch. courses are provided by BMCRI. In addition, it provides a range of diploma programs. 

Sri Devaraj Urs College of Nursing

With ongoing system improvements, Sri Devaraj Urs College of Nursing hopes to establish itself as a “Institution of Excellence” in the nursing education, administration, and service fields. In 1998, the Sri Devaraj Urs Educational Trust founded the Nursing College. Located in Tamaka, on the Bangalore-Chennai Highway (NH4), six kilometers from the eastern edge of Kolar, and well-served by air, rail, and road. Nursing diploma (GNM), B.Sc. Nursing, Post-B.Sc. Nursing, and M.Sc. Nursing courses are offered by the college.

M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Nursing

Dr. M.S. Ramaiah founded the M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Nursing, which is among the top nursing schools in India. It is situated in Bangalore, India, and was founded in 1987. The Indian Nursing Council, the Karnataka State Nursing Council, and the Karnataka government have all granted permission for the institute, which is associated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Karnataka. The institute’s skilled staff of instructors and teachers offers the students a first-rate learning environment. In the parent hospitals, the students receive appropriate clinical training under the direction of knowledgeable staff.

SJB College of Nursing

The Karnataka government recognizes SJB College of Nursing, which is associated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. This college offers four different course options: Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing, Basic B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing, and General Nursing and Midwifery. The Karnataka State Nursing Council and the Indian Nursing Council have both approved these courses. The best opportunity for a student will be to enroll in any of these courses offered by this college.

Vydehi Institute of Nursing

One of the best-equipped nursing schools is Vydehi Institute of Nursing, which has a spacious hospital with 1608 beds. The Indian Nursing Council considers the nursing programs offered here to be highly credible, and the institution is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. Under the direction of knowledgeable faculty members in the best possible teaching environment, students at this college receive the most comprehensive and well-rounded education. Students at Vydehi Institute of Nursing can choose from excellent programs. 

MVJ College of Nursing

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences-affiliated MVJ College of Nursing is an Indian foundation that sets the standard for excellence in medical education delivery. This 2004-founded institution has quickly garnered more attention thanks to the high caliber of education it offers. The Karnataka government, the Indian Nursing Council, and the Karnataka Nursing Council all recognize this medical facility. The most important aspect of attending MVJ College of Nursing is that students are educated in accordance with the knowledge that is currently needed in the medical field.

Dayananda Sagar College of Nursing

Bangalore’s Shavigne Malleshwara Hills is home to Dayananda Sagar College of Nursing.The nursing department was established in 2002 and is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. The College provides theory and practical knowledge in its B.Sc. Nursing (basic), P.B. B.Sc. Nursing, and M.Sc. Nursing programs. Dayananda Sagar College of Nursing offers its students a first-rate environment and ample opportunity to develop into skilled nurses. The faculty at the college is excellent, consisting of seasoned and specialized instructors. In order to provide students with fresh experiences and to increase their knowledge base, the college also sponsors national and international student exchange programs. The college itself is home to a reputable hospital with 710 beds.

Navodaya Medical College Hospital & Research Center

Under the notable leadership of young, dynamic, qualified, and enthusiastic trustees who committed their lives to teaching the fundamentals of professionalism in nursing courses, Navodaya Education Trust founded College of Nursing in 1992. In just ten years, it has become known as one of the best nursing colleges. The nursing diploma, basic B.Sc., post-basic B.Sc., and M.Sc. programs, with specializations in OBG, community health, medical surgical, and pediatric health, are all offered by the college. The main hub for comprehensive treatment care, Navodaya Medical College Hospital & Research Center encourages prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 


Bangalore, the third-largest city in India, has gradually transformed from the Garden City to the Silicon Valley of the country. Bangalore is the “Powerhouse” of numerous prestigious academic institutions and major international organizations. Bangalore is the city of choice for education among students from all over the nation. Students choose to major in nursing primarily because the area offers great opportunities to pursue admission in the top nursing schools, which provide excellent placement and internship opportunities. The nursing profession plays a significant role in the medical field. Nursing courses come in a variety of forms. The most sought-after nursing programs are the BSc, MSc, GNM, and Post-Basic programs. These top 10 nursing college are best in Bangalore and with good placement. Bookmark this article on Top 10 Nursing Colleges in Bangalore.

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