How to do Ganesh Puja? 


A prominent Hindu holiday celebrated with tremendous fervour and devotion across India is Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. The elephant-headed god Lord Ganesh is seen as a remover of barriers and a sign of good fortune. The Ganesh Puja, in which followers of Lord Ganesh invite him inside their homes for devotion, is one of the fundamental components of this event. We will lead you through the procedures for doing Ganesh Puja at home, the auspicious muhurta for it, and the regulations to follow when bringing Ganpati home in this thorough manual.

Selecting an Auspicious Time (Muhurat):

  • Ganesh Puja must be conducted at the proper time, which is typically midday during the Madhyahna month. The Panchang (Hindu calendar) and the location may affect the precise muhurat, though. If you want to know the precise muhurat for your area, it’s best to speak with a priest or utilise reputable Hindu calendar software. It is possible to do the puja in the morning or evening on specific occasions, such as Ganesh Chaturthi or when you wish to do it every day.

Preparing for Ganesh Puja:

  • Bringing Lord Ganesha Home for the First Time: You must bring an idol of Lord Ganesha home before you can celebrate Ganesh Puja. Make sure the idol is constructed of eco-friendly materials or clay before choosing it. The size of the idol might vary, but it’s important to pick one that suits your puja space comfortably.
  • preparing the worship space For the puja, designate a spot in your home that is both tidy and holy. This might be a distinct space or a particular area. On an elevated platform or table where you will install the idol, spread a clean cloth—preferably red or yellow—for protection. Put flowers, rangoli, and other traditional ornaments in the area to decorate it.

Performing Ganesh Puja:

  • Take a bath and put on clean, preferably new, clothing to start the purification process. To purify oneself physically and spiritually, you must complete this phase.
  • The Pran Pratishtha Places the Ganesha statue on the pedestal that has been constructed and invites Lord Ganesha by reciting mantras such as “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” or other suitable ones. When you summon the divine presence into the idol, the procedure is known as Pran Pratishtha.
  • Provisions (Naivedya): Offer Lord Ganesha a variety of treats, including modak, laddu, fruits, and coconut. A lamp and incense sticks may also be lit. With the help of devotional music and chanting, perform aarti by encircling the idol with a lighted camphor or ghee lamp.
  • Offer Lord Ganesha your earnest prayers and chants. You can sing Ganesha bhajans or recite the Ganesh Chalisa. Say “thank you” and ask the Lord’s blessings for success and the elimination of impediments.
  • Prepare for the visarjan (immersion) ritual on the right day, depending on how long you intend to keep the idol at home (usually 1.5, 3, 5, 7, or 11 days). Immerse the statue in a natural body of water as you bid Lord Ganesha adieu.

Ganesh Puja on Specific Days:

  • Wednesday Ganesh Puja: Use the same procedures as above if you want to perform Ganesh Puja on Wednesday. Lord Ganesha considers Wednesday to be lucky.
  • Ganesh Puja in a New Home: Offering Ganesh Puja in a new home is an excellent method to ask Lord Ganesha for his blessings for a happy and peaceful life in your new home. To do the puja with dedication, follow the previously indicated instructions.

Perform Ganesh Chaturthi puja at home:

  • Cleaning and decorating your home’s puja space with flowers and rangoli are preparations.
  • Get an image or idol of Ganesh for the puja.
  • A bell, flowers, fruits, sweets, incense sticks, coconut, camphor, and betel leaves are all essential for puja. Collect them all.
  • Installing the Ganesh Sthapana:
  • Installing the Ganesh statue or idol should be done during a lucky moment. Typically, this is completed in the morning.
  • Put the statue or image on a spotless altar or platform.
  • Chant mantras like “Om Ganeshaya Namaha” to summon Lord Ganesh.

Provisions (Naivedya):

  • Give Lord Ganesh some fruits, candies (his favourite is modak), and coconuts.
  • A light (diya) with lit incense creates a heavenly ambience.
  • Chanting and singing: Sing Ganesh Vandana and Ganesh Aarti as part of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.
  • Sing devotional hymns or bhajans to Lord Ganesh.
  • Aarti with Camphor Flame: To do the aarti, go around the idol or image while circling a lighted candle or a camphor flame.
  • While doing the aarti, ring the bell.
  • Prayers and mantras: Make sincere requests of Lord Ganesha for blessings for the health and prosperity of your family.
  • say Ganesh mantras like “Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha.”
  • Perform a goodbye puja for Lord Ganesh on the festival’s final day, according to visarjan (immersion).
  • Say goodbye with thankfulness and, if feasible, submerge the idol in the water while singing “Ganpati Bappa Morya!”

At What time should we do Ganesh puja at home:

  • The Ganesh puja is usually held in the morning.
  • Although the precise time might change, it is frequently carried out in the first few hours following sunrise.
  • The most auspicious period in your locality might be found by consulting a local priest or an almanack.

First time Ganpati is at home:

  • It is regarded as remarkable if you are bringing Ganpati to your home for the first time.
  • To do the Ganesh Chaturthi puja at home, follow the following given instructions.
  • Make careful to follow the rites seriously and install Ganesh with devotion (Ganesh Sthapana).

How to do Ganesh puja on Wednesday:

  • Given that Lord Ganesha is linked with Wednesday, doing Ganesh puja on a Wednesday is fortunate.
  • Stick to the same Ganesh Chaturthi puja instructions as before, but concentrate on your unique objectives and prayers for that day.

How to do Ganesh puja at your new home:

  • It is customary to do a Ganesh puja after moving into a new house to invoke Lord Ganesh’s blessings for a peaceful and prosperous stay.
  • As you perform the Ganesh Chaturthi puja as described previously, be sure to focus on praying for the prosperity and well-being of your new house.

Ganesha prayer techniques:

  • Deep commitment and sincerity are required when praying to Ganesh.
  • Begin by chanting or using a mantra to invoke Lord Ganesha.
  • As a token of your affection, present flowers, treats, and other things.
  • Ask for Ganesh’s blessings and direction by truly expressing your wishes and aspirations.
  • You can also chant the Ganesh Gayatri mantra or any of Ganesh’s 108 names.

How to do Ganesh puja at home daily:

  • You may set up a straightforward schedule if you want to worship Ganesh every day at home.
  • Take these actions:
  • The puja area should be cleaned every day.
  • A light and incense should be lit.
  • recite Ganesh prayers or mantras.
  • Present some coconut, candy, or fruit in a tiny quantity.
  • Give Lord Ganesh your thanks and everyday prayers.


A personal connection with Lord Ganesh is made possible through the very spiritual and significant practice of Ganesh Puja, which is performed at home. It is crucial to adhere to the correct procedures and rules whether you are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi or are just looking for the deity’s blessings. Keep in mind that the most important components of any puja are commitment and sincerity in your prayers. Please accept the blessings of Lord Ganesh, who will provide you prosperity, joy, and the fortitude to face any challenges in your path.