Exploring the Hidden Gem: Hosahalli Gollarapalya in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city that never ceases to amaze with its diverse neighborhoods, has a hidden gem worth exploring – Hosahalli Gollarapalya. In this article, we will take you on a journey through this lesser-known but increasingly popular neighborhood, unveiling its history, key attractions, and the unique features that make it a promising place to live.

Hosahalli Gollarapalya: Unveiling Its Story:

Hosahalli Gollarapalya has a rich history that intertwines with the development of Bangalore. Originally a quaint village, it has transformed into a thriving residential neighborhood, offering residents a mix of urban conveniences and a close-knit community.

Attractions and Features:

  1. Gollarapalya Lake: A centerpiece of Hosahalli Gollarapalya is the picturesque Gollarapalya Lake. This serene waterbody provides a beautiful backdrop for residents and offers a perfect spot for evening walks and birdwatching.
  2. Educational Institutions: The neighborhood hosts several esteemed educational institutions, making it an appealing choice for families looking to provide quality education for their children.
  3. Residential Variety: Hosahalli Gollarapalya offers a diverse range of housing options, from independent houses to modern apartments, catering to the preferences of different residents.
  4. Connectivity: Despite its peaceful ambiance, the neighborhood is well-connected to the rest of Bangalore, ensuring easy access to major roads, public transportation, and key areas of the city.

Community and Lifestyle:

One of the most significant aspects of Hosahalli Gollarapalya is its community spirit. Residents often come together for cultural events, social gatherings, and festivities, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The neighborhood’s local markets, eateries, and parks provide ample opportunities for interaction and the enjoyment of everyday life.

A Slice of Tranquility:

Hosahalli Gollarapalya stands as an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban sprawl. The Gollarapalya Lake serves as a recreational hub for both residents and visitors, offering a serene environment to unwind and connect with nature. The lush greenery and well-maintained parks add to the neighborhood’s charm.

A Convenient Haven:

Despite its peaceful aura, Hosahalli Gollarapalya is far from remote. Its strategic location provides access to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other amenities, ensuring that residents enjoy a convenient lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of the city center.

General Information about Hosahalli gollarapalya

Some of the famous places in Hosahalli gollarapalya

  1. Venkateshwara Theatre
  2. Udupi Shree Krishna Palace

Famous restaurants in Hosahalli gollarapalya

  1. New Naidu Hotel
  2. Restaurant Ashwa
  3. Udupi Grand
  4. Purushotham

Transportation options in Hosahalli gollarapalya

  1. Nagasandra Metro Station
  2. Herohalli Bus Stop
  3. Vijayanagar Metro Station
  4. Attiguppe Metro Station
  5. Dasarahalli Metro Station
  6. T Dasarahalli metro station
  7. Gollarhatti Bus Stop
  8. Byadarahalli Bus Stand

Hosahalli gollarapalya rent prices

Hosahalli Gollarapalya is around 13 km from the center of bangalore. The rent prices of properties in Hosahalli Gollarapalya might be on the upper side because of its proximity to the center of Bangalore. Though the properties can be easily taken on rent in this area because usually the prices are very costly in the center of the city. You can contact local brokers or property owners for more details.

Hosahalli gollarapalya for sale

Hosahalli Gollarapalya is surrounded with properties of commercial and residential complexes. The prices of apartment and commercial sale is higher compared to other parts of Bangalore. You can contact the local brokers or property owners to get more details about Hosahalli gollarapalya property prices.

Hosahalli gollarapalya pincode

The pincode for Hosahalli Gollarapalya is 560091

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Airport Distance

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Airport Distance is 42.4 KM. It will take around 1 hour to reach depending on the traffic.

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Majestic Bus Stand Distance

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Majestic Bus Stand Distance is 12.9  KM. It will take around half hour to reach depending on the traffic.

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Bangalore Railway Station

Hosahalli gollarapalya to Bangalore Railway Station Distance is 12.9  KM. It will take around half hour to reach depending on the traffic.


Hosahalli Gollarapalya is a testament to the coexistence of tradition and modernity, offering a tranquil and vibrant neighborhood within Bangalore. Its rich history, natural beauty, and thriving community make it an appealing choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of urban life and serenity. Beyond being just another neighborhood, Hosahalli Gollarapalya is a lifestyle, where residents find not just a place to live, but a place to call home. Bookmark this article on Hosahalli Gollarapalya