Download Partition-deed form | Karnataka | Bengaluru

Partition deed form is a legal document which is used to partition or divide a piece of property or business. The business is owned by two or more person. Partition deed form outlines terms and conditions of the partition of the property. This document highlights the share and other important details of the partition.

Is partition deed legal?

Yes Partition deed is a legal document. The basic purpose of partition deed is to outline the terms and conditions of the partitions. Many details of partitions are mentioned in partition deed. Partition deed is prepared when a property or business is about to be partitioned or distributed amongst people who own the property or business.

Can a land be sold without partition?

Yes you can sell the land of your share in an undivided property. You can only sell your share and not others.

Who prepares the partition deed?

Usually Lawyers prepare a partition deed because lawyers have in depth knowledge of partition deeds.

Can a partition deed be notarised?

Yes Partition deeds can be notarised. Partition deed should be notarised by notary public. Partition deed becomes legal only after it has been notarised by notary public. It makes it legally binding.

Download Partition-deed form | Karnataka | Bengaluru


Hi you can download the Partition deed form from the above link. Partition deed form will help you in completing your partition formalities. Please read out the form carefully and get it notarised so that partition deed form becomes legally binding.