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Most spoken 100 Kannada words traslated into English

Most spoken 100 Kannada words translated into English This article contains list of 100 Kannada words that are most commonly spoken in Bengaluru and entire Karnataka state. You should know these 100 words in Kannada as they are very helpful in daily conversation with people in the city as well as villages of…

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Beginner’s Guide: Learn Kannada Simple Words

Beginner’s Guide to learning Kannada Simple Words In this article I have added Kannada Simple Words. These are very simple words in Kannada that you should know if you are staying in Bangalore or Karnataka. These simple words in Kannada will help you communicate with Kannada people efficiently. You should know these basic…

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Beginner’s Guide: Learning Basic Kannada Words and Phrases

Beginner’s Guide to  Learning Basic Kannada Words and Phrases This article contains some of the most basic Kannada words and phrases. The Kannada words and phrases are translated in English language. Understanding Kannada can be very difficult but with these basic Kannada words and phrases , you can easily talk to shopkeepers, cab…

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